It is almost impossible to resist Giacometta, a chocolate and hazelnut spread, which is one of the well-established products of this chocolate workshop alongside the Nugatelli (small chocolate bricks filled with chocolate cream and Piemonte IGP hazelnuts), the Mandrugnin with liqueur, and the Nocciolini (chocolate balls filled with cream made with Piemonte IGP hazelnuts). It is managed by Giacomo Boidi, who opened a large space that includes a chocolate boutique, a coffee shop and an educational area for children in 2005. The sweets on sale here are many: pralines with milk, dark and white chocolate shell, the chocolate covered candied fruit. There are local specialities too, like the Marengo amaretti and the Baciut (baci di dama made with kamut flour). Giacomino excels in the creation of pralines paired with the most original fillings: extra virgin olive oil, salted caramel, lemon with mint and orange and Grand Marnier. The mini Gianduiotto (7.5 g) is available in the traditional version and in the milk-free dark chocolate version.

Information and contacts
via Giraudi, 498 - 15073 Castellazzo Bormida (AL)
loc. Micarella
Telephone: +39 (0131) 278.472