Marano Mais is an ancient variety selected in the early 20th century in the area of Vicenza and spread throughout Italy between the two World Wars to become almost forgotten about with the arrival of "hybrid" maize. Today, Mauro Antonio Longo cultivates it on the first hills of Monferrato with low environmental impact and friendly agronomic techniques. The harvested grain is stone-ground to obtain wholemeal flour, excellent for polenta, which remains naturally soft without the need to be handled too much, thanks to the natural oils of the maize itself. It is marketed under the name "La Polenta di una volta" (Polenta of the past), marked on the label by the bell tower of Fubine, next to other products derived from maize; grissini, Monferrini, lingue and cookies of maize. It has also recently been discovered by important restaurants that have adopted it to prepare their specialities. Longo’s polenta is also included annually in the AIC book (Italian Coeliac Association) handbook.

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via della Repubblica, 11/a - 15043 Fubine Monferrato (AL)
Telephone: +39 (0131) 778.656