Dear Traveller, If you happen to find yourself passing near Casale Monferato, I would strongly suggest that you visit this city and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a true Capital; this magnificent city conjures up emotions …of all the centuries gone by.

Of Roman origin ( ancient Vardacate) transformed after the fall of the empire into a hamlet, a “casale” that became Casale S. Evasio for the illustrious and miraculous Holy Bishop of Benevento who was known to perform many miracles for the faithful who turned to Him. A free Commune in the orbit of the Aleramici whose story ended during the Crusades in the Holy Land. From the east came the descendants of this glorious dynasty, the Paleologi (1306). The Imperial family of Byzantium made Casale the capital of a small but strategic marquis which became a jewel among the small Italian states. They too died out without having any male heirs from the great Marchesa Anne d'Alençon Valois.

The Gonzaga of Mantova prevailed over all other claimants to the succession, thanks to the intervention of the Emperor Charles V. In 1713 the Savoy finally annexed the Marquis of Monferrato and thereafter its history became part of the Kingdom of Sardinia. Can such an important story not to leave any traces !! In fact, we discover many delicious indulgences,(over and above those eno- gastronomical) architecturally and scenically. The magnificent surrounding hills and the "great river" which runs through it. Not to mention the beautiful Romanesque (Cathedral of St. Evasio ) – of Lombardo eleventh century with its soaring atrium, its mosaics, the Chapel of the Saints and the treasures. Recently they have opened an archaeological trail in the attics within the ancient walls. The (Synagogue ) (XVI.century) unusual for the richness of its décor, the museum “dei Lumi e degli Argenti.” The majestic gothic (St. Dominic ) Church (XV-XVI sec.) which is almost an art gallery for the wealth of paintings on display.The Civic Museum, rich in works by local artists and non, the Gipsoteca with chalk originals elaborated by the symbolist sculptor Leonardo Bistolfi, described as one of masters of Liberty. And what about the rich variety of the eighteenth century buildings painted and still furnished as was originally in via Mameli and in many other areas of the large historical center. If you want you can also choose the 2nd Sunday of the month to come and visit. You'll find one of the oldest and richest Antique markets, while the city hosts the event "Casale città aperta", and opens its doors to other incredible treasures. See you soon.

Gianni Calvi