Monferrato of celebrities

Cristina Parodi

Cristina Parodi's Monferrato

The colour of the countryside and the gentle hills covered with vineyards. The rich cuisine of delicious flavours, I'll mention just one dish,  the agnolotti del plin, which is my favourite. …

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Paolo Massobrio

Paolo Massobrio's Monferrato

Paolo Massobrio what does Monferrato to you ? It is my life, the dream. It was the place where my parents used to take me as a child because they were from there, but they had been in …

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Massimo Bagliani

Massimo Bagliani's Monferrato

My heart rejoiced in my chest...when I entered Monferrato the wine… a poem the food… a delight and then, Monferrato has something exceptional… the noise of silence.

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Massimo Boglia

Il Monferrato di Massimo Boglia

Hello, friends of Monferrato. Three things I like about this wonderful land: chocolate of Novi, first; then, I am very attached to Fausto Coppi Museo dei Campionissimi, is my first idol, perhaps …

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