Bio cafè

Stefania Pepiciello won us over from day one. At Bio Lunch, the products are suitable for those with food intolerances and those who have to follow special diets (biscuits, desserts, pasta with spelt, kamut, corn flour and without egg, milk or sugar: there is also Felicetti flour per coeliacs). For breakfast brioche, fresh and dry pastries; at lunch, the range of dishes is original and different every day (kamut linguine with anchovies and monkfish, wild rice with salmon and bell peppers, loin carpaccio on a bed of fresh vegetables), always accompanied by choice vegetables and fruit. There is also a careful selection of wines, craft beer and extra virgin olive oil. In the evening, Champagne based aperitifs and local wines.

Information and contacts
via Erba, 12 - 1512x Alessandria (AL)
Telephone: +39 (0131) 262.932