In the Curone Valley, medicinal herbs are grown organically and marketed in leaves, flowers and seeds for herbal therapy. A mountain community project of 2004 has led to the recovery of some uncultivated lands. The original cooperative, now dissolved, has continued its activities; three companies currently collaborate to expand and improve the cultivation of precious herbs: in addition to the Poggio del Nonno farm of Maria Grazia Zebinati, we remember Maria Pia Giani of Montegioco and Cascina Gazzarolla of San Sebastiano Curone. The fields are not irrigated and the harvesting is almost exclusively manual, for a production that includes anise, fennel, medicinal sage, lemon balm, mallow, mint, ortense and mountain savory, thyme, rosemary and then flowers of marigold, lavender and yarrow. Maria Grazia Zebinati sells her perfumed sachets directly in the farm where you can also make use of the agriturismo hospitality service which includes snacks with focaccia enriched with medicinal herbs, family meals and the possibility of overnight stays..

Information and contacts
fraz. Poggio, 12 - 15050 Casasco (AL)
Telephone: +39 (0131) 876.051