Museo Civico e Gipsoteca Bistolfi

The Civic Museum is located in the ancient Augustinian convent of Santa Croce which in its two cloisters preserves fresco decorations by Guglielmo Caccia known as Il Moncalvo with the help of Giorgio Alberini. Twenty-four rooms are home to more than five hundred works which represent a rich heritage closely linked to the history of the town and Piedmontese and Lombard art. The Museum is divided into two sections: the Picture gallery, on the first floor, exhibits a prestigious series of paintings with works by Martino Spanzotti, Guglielmo Caccia known as Il Moncalvo, Niccolò Musso (Self-portrait), Pietro Francesco Guala, Angelo Morbelli. The exhibition is completed by several marble busts dating from the Roman period, ancient wooden and ceramic sculptures. On the ground floor are the five rooms of the Gipsoteca (Gallery of Plaster casts) of Leonardo Bistolfi Plaster (1859 – 1933), one of the few Italian collections able to illustrate the entire creative path of a sculptor in its fullness. More than 170 works of the symbolist maestro from Casale who achieved international fame are on show: sculptures in terracotta, raw earth, plasticine, sketches and models in plaster, works in marble and bronze and some drawings and paintings. In the small cloister you can admire the Renaissance portal from the former Church of Santa Maria di PIazza. Opening times: Thursday 8.30-12.30 and 14.30-16.30; Friday, Saturday and Sunday 10.30-13.00 and 15.00-18.30; From Saturday 22 May booking is no longer obligatory, but it is recommended for a better management of the flow of visitors; call 0142 444309 or fill in the dedicated form on the page:

Information and contacts
via Cavour, 5 - 15033 Casale Monferrato (AL)
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