Artisan excellence, respect for tradition and sense of innovation. These are the key words of "ledolciterre", an innovative store situated in the new section of the Serravalle Designer Outlet, a true meeting place where visitors from every part of the world can touch (but above all, taste) the great culinary and wine tradition of the local area. Gourmet restaurant, where you can taste the best dishes of the local culinary tradition reinterpreted with a touch of imagination, and food boutique, where you can purchase an incredible variety of products, from fine wine to great chocolate, from the specialities with truffle to the best tasting cured meat, all “dressed” with a warm and convivial atmosphere.

Information and contacts
via Della Moda, 1 - 15069 Serravalle Scrivia (AL)
Presso Serravalle Designer Outlet
Telephone: +39 0143 300029
E-mail: store@ledolciterre.it