The production of the Montegioco brewery is strongly linked to the territory. It was opened in 2005 by Riccardo Franzosi, a passionate homebrewer and winner of numerous awards ("Brewer of the Year" in 2012). In its vast range, we recall the Quarta Runa with Volpedo peaches, the Garbagnina with the Bella di Garbagna cherry, the Tibir with the addition of timorasso grape must at the end of the boiling phase and the Open Mind with Barbera must. We then have a line of extra-strong beer, such as the Draco with added blueberry syrup at the fermentation stage, and those aged for months in barriques previously used by wine producers of the Tortona area, such as the light Mummia or the dark Bran. There are also classic beers, like the Runa, basic beer of the brewery, used for other processes, also excellent "in purity": golden, clear and very balanced.

Information and contacts
fraz. Fabbrica, 1 - 15050 Montegioco (AL)
Telephone: +39 (0131) 029.012
Telephone 2: +39 335.574.8181