Astro Bioparco Oasi di Felizzano

To understand nature it must first be respected. One of the purposes of this park is to provide accommodation to animals that need a new home. In fact, the animals that live in the park are largely donated by private individuals or by associations: some roam freely around the park, others, for safety reasons are confined within large fences (such as our bull "Totò")! Our park is not a zoo, but an animal village, where we humans are mere tourists. At weekends, the park is open to families to spend a different Saturday or a Sunday, immersed in nature! At the Astrobiopark, you can have picnics or barbecues. Leave your kids with us; you can relax and we will look after them with an educational or playful workshop! At the park on Saturday and Sunday, you can also celebrate birthdays, baptisms or communions! On Sunday at the park you can observe the sun with solar telescopes and listen to the explanation of experts, you can also observe the night sky (public observation evenings) or decide when by booking a private observation evening!

Information and contacts
strada Per Fubine, 79 - 15023 Felizzano (AL)
Telephone: +39 340 0065.503