Parco Naturale delle Capanne di Marcarolo

This straddles the border between Piedmont and Liguria, on the actual geological border between the Alpine and Apennine systems and was created to safeguard a major environmental treasure. There are a number of nature trails along the banks of the (manmade) Lavagnina lakes or walkers can make their way up the slopes of Mount Tobbio and enjoy breathtaking views over the Ligurian Sea. Of much importance is the presence of many types of reptiles and amphibians; there are eight species of snake and, in the disused mines, the rare geotritone, a lizard that lives in complete darkness. The Park's wonderful streams and brooks are home to a type of trout and freshwater prawns, now quite rare and only seen in a few waterways. The Park is also the nesting ground for different species of birds and an important stopping-off point on migratory routes. Amongst the birds of prey, the most important is the short-toed eagle that feeds mainly on reptiles. Numbers are dwindling but here a number of couples nest and it has been adopted as the symbol of the protected area.

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