Parco del Po tratto vercellese/alessandrino - Centro Visite Mulino di Bosco Marengo

The Municipal Mill of Bosco Marengo (Via Marconi, 18) is the operational headquarters of the River Orba Nature Reserve. The Mill is a historical building documented since the 5th century: first a small group of houses "with mill" around the castle of the Community of Bosco, then key source of income for the community. Sold to private individuals and later bought back by Dominican friar Antonio Ghislieri (Pope Pius V), it was finally donated to the Town and rented. The activity of the Mill, first powered by the driving force of the irrigation canal derived from the River Orba and, later, through electricity, continued through the centuries until the late 1960s. The two turbines, still present, were mounted around 1920. The current building, which dates to the early 20th century, was restructured thanks to a project in which the Park-Authority, Piedmont Regional Authority and Municipality of Bosco Marengo participated. The ground floor of the Mill features a diorama which illustrates the environment of the Heronry of the River Orba Nature Reserve and a conference room. The first floor is furnished with several display cases with naturalised specimens of the typical fauna present and a teaching-scientific workshop for research and training activities. Free admission by appointment.

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