Oratorio dei Bianchi o dell'Assunta

The Oratory of Our Lady of the Assumption, known as “dei Bianchi” (of the Whites) is located close to the Prince’s Palace. The current appearance of the building is that of an elegant 18th century construction, at least in the façade. Don't be fooled by the date marked on the lintel of the lovely Genoese portal (1671) because the existence of this Oratory actually goes back to the 14th century. The date corresponds to the period of one of its renovations, at the time of the Doria family, who had received the investiture of the Fief of San Sebastiano from Charles V. The Oratory was linked to the Palace via a special passageway; it is easy to think that the design of the entire Square, enclosed between the concave 18th century façade of the Church, and the wall in front of it that reproduces its lines, giving rise to a fine example of environmental architecture, required the intervention of a professional architect. Inside, we observe the beautiful high altar in polychrome marble; two eagles of artistic marble workmanship adorn the sides of the altar and there is an admirable bas-relief of St. Sebastian at the base. The exquisite marble sculpture of Our Blessed Lady of the Assumption dominates from above. There are also two chapels dedicated to St. Lucy and St. Dionysius the Areopagite.

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