Museo della grappa

The Alessandria region is renowned for its wine, but the grapes, once the fermentation process is finished, are used to produce grappa and for this reason at Altavilla Monferrato is the Museo della Grappa Mazzetti. Open to visitors, the museum is home to a grand collection of artefacts that are kept in the historic brick and clay cellars, witness to a distillation business that is inextricably tied to the area and run by the same family for six generations. Next to the original steam still from the 19th century are to be found a range of distilling and bottling equipment unique to Piedmont, along with awards and pictures of the family and speical blown glass items.There is much to see in the magical atmosphere of a historic building which now looks forward to a new century and a new future, having borne witness to so much in the past.

Information and contacts
via località cittadella, 11 - 15041 Altavilla Monferrato (AL)
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