Deposito Museale Enrico Colombotto Rosso

Some of the rooms in the town hall at Pontestura are home to a collection of works by Enrico Colombotto Rosso. This artist, born in Turin in 1925, is characterised by intense artistic work geared above all to creating museum-type works, free to express authentically and unconditionally his sensitivity and imagination. The deep quest, which took the artist to Turin, Vienna, Seville and the United States, is communicated through strong images, often raw for the colours, combinations (bloody reds, black, silvers) and expressions of figures that tell of the unconfessed inner drama of humanity. In the rooms of this permanent exhibition of 150 works in tempera, oils and ink, Colombotto Rosso put together mostly unpublished works characterised by a wise recourse to colouring: the concept of the metamorphosis of the body and the soul remains one of the preferred themes in his work in the last two decades.

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