Dalle Dolci terre alle Langhe - 1

Depart from the parking lot in front of the Museo dei Campionissimi in Novi Ligure. Leaving the museum, turn left at the roundabout, take the first exit. Following  along  Corso Piave then turn right onto Via Antica Genova continuing along the road to Gavi. You start a gentle incline coming out of the town of Novi and then go smoothly along the crest of the hills. It is a  winding road through woods and cultivated fields with little traffic, and an enchanting landscape. Near the Valle crossroad with the provincial road from Serravalle (be careful!), Turn right in the direction of Gavi. Having passed through the village take the road to San Cristoforo and afterwards head for  Capriata d'Orba. On entering Capriata take the Provincial Road 177 through the center and on to take Via Stazione. Leaving the village you cross the ford on the River Orba and continue in the direction of the motorway overpass. After crossing, take a left onto the SP 185. Follow the road for a long stretch alongside the highway and then turn right towards San Giacomo. Here at the junctions continue in the direction of Cascina Vecchia, after passing the group of houses, turn left in the direction of Carpeneto. A short uphill brings us to the center of the small hilltop village. Continuing down to the valley, proceed in the direction of Trisobbio and then to Morsasco. This is where all the uphill sections of the route  come to an end . Beyond the village of Morsasco the winding road descends towards Prasco and then to  Visone and then after a few flat kilometers,  onwards to reach the center of the thermal  spa town.

Points of interest

Novi Ligure: Museo dei Campionissimi, read all Comune of Gavi website : read all Acqui Terme: historical centre, La bollente, Paleologi Museum, Roman Arches, Thermal baths: read all Please note: wear your helmet at all times, even when not obligatory.  Before setting off, make sure you inform someone of your intended route.  If possible, take a GPS device, mobile phone and a bottle of water with you and if it is a long distance route, take snacks.  Wear suitable clothing, preferably layers, and make sure you have a waterproof jacket.  Always wear padded shorts.  Comfort is essential if you are to enjoy the journey to the full.  It is advisable to use a guide who knows the area well and will be aware of any changes to the route, which may have varied from the last update by

Departure, arrival and municipalities crossed

15067 Novi Ligure (AL)
15011 Acqui Terme (AL)

districts passed through
Gavi, Novi Ligure

Information and contacts
- 15067 Novi Ligure (AL)

Dalle Dolci terre alle Langhe - 1

Province: Alessandria & Monferrato, Langhe Monferrato e Roero
Departure: Novi Ligure
Arrival: Acqui Terme
Distance: 59.00
Total ascent: +971 -1008 mt
Suggested period: Apr - Nov

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