Area archeologico-naturalistica del Guardamonte

The archaeological itinerary of Guardamonte, set out with an information point and a learning area next to the farm-house, is an integral part of a natural history context, where naturalistic trails have been created dedicated to the most important local aspects of geology, fossils, wildlife (red partridge) and flowers (orchids). The population on the peak stretches over a long period that ranges from the mid-Neolithic period (4800-4500BC) right up to the Imperial Roman age (2nd Century AD), making this one of the most interesting sites for prehistoric archaeology in north-western Italy. The finds from Guardamonte are kept in the Museo di Antichità di Torino and in the Museo Archeologico at Casteggio; samples are on display in the exhibition at this museum at Brignano Frascata.

Information and contacts
strada comunale del Guardamonte - 15050 Gremiasco (AL)
Cascina Guardamonte
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