Area archeologica di Libarna

Temporarily closed The re-discovery of Libarna came about because of work connected with the building of the Strada Regia dei Giovi (1820-1823) and construction work on the Turin-Genoa railway (1845-1854). Subsequent archaeological excavations brought to light the remains of public buildings and dwellings, from which it has been possible to reconstruct the urban layout of the site in imperial Roman times. The current archaeological area represents just one part of the ancient town, sited in a strategic position on one of the most important roads in northern Italy (via Postumia). The remains of two blocks of dwellings are visible, just to the side of the main gate and marked by small doorways and minor foundations. Of considerable interest is the mosaic floor of the domus which occupied the higher part of the block; the large mosaic represents the myth of Licurgo with the central figurative scene being positioned between two geometric sections in black and white. The amphitheatre (1st Cent. AD) is just to one side of the built-up area, in a scenic position by the main gate. You can see the foundations of the entrance ways that lead to the seated areas, the walkways and the underground areas of the arena. Working on the dimensions of the foundations, it has been estimated that the theatre could hold some 7,000 spectators. The theatre (1st Cent. AD) is, in the main, entire, although without the post scaenam doorway, destroyed by the railway tracks; the entrance foundations are visible, as are the entrance corridors, the cavea and the stage, besides the elevated sections. According to estimates, the theatre could hold some 3,800 people. The archaeological finds from Libarna, in part held in some private collections, are housed in the Museo di Antichità of Turin and the Museo di Archeologia Ligure of Genova-Pegli. Some finds are displayed at the Area Museale di Libarna of Serravalle Scrivia.

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