Inchiostro Festival celebrates 10 years with an event on Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 June that will host many illustrators, calligraphers and artists to create a real workshop of excellence open to an active public.
Its main visual language will be formed by black and white, in the various shades, in works created using different manual techniques. This year, the symbolic word “Impronte” was chosen to complete the quadrilogy on the environmental theme, whose preceding stages were “Carbon”, “Abysses” and “Origin”.
Through time and space, from the primordial chaos to the discovery of new horizons, between sky and earth, Man has transformed and evolved creating cultures, memories and meanings, shaping the World: the action of Man on the Planet leaves traces that modify its future as the illustrator’s outline on the sheet, the sign of the engraver on the matrix and ink on paper.

For two days, the City will become the capital of illustration, invaded by national and international artists, joined by excellence in manual skill and graphic-visual expression.
The Inchiostro Festival association, with the sponsorship and collaboration of the Piedmont regional authority, the Provincial authority of Alessandria and the City of Alessandria, is organising and coordinating the event, with the precious support of outstanding volunteers, professionals and technical partners who, together with several companies, succeed in offering visitors a unique experience.
The artists are hosted in the hostel of the cloister, to work, discuss, exhibit and engage the public in workshops and shows which will last the entire weekend.

As always, the high point will be the battle of the illustrators on Saturday evening, when the ink-thirsty illustrators will compete, in twos, on the “Impronte Sonore” interpreted live by DeLaVega.

Information and contacts
piazza Santa Maria di Castello 14 Chiostro di Santa Maria di Casrello - Alessandria