Alessandria Theatre Season. Sundays at the Theatre "IL MONDO E' FAVOLOSO"

21 April 2024

workshop Show by the Stregatti Theatre Company
with Circolo delle Donne Project of the Social and Community Theatre for Families
with Giusy Barone
director: Gianluca Ghnò
produced by Stregatti Theatre Company

A series of “Storie proprio così”, fantastical and original stories from the place of origin of the people who star in this show/workshop.
The use of shadows and shadow theatre will give way to this world tour through fairy tales, to discover different uses and customs and realise how, after all, we are all the same.
The show will be followed by a shadow workshop with families and a shared

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Last appointment of the rich and articulated program of the Theatrical Season of Alessandria 2023-2024 promoted by the City of Alessandria and Fondazione Piemonte dal Vivo with the participation of Asm Costruire Insieme, with the Event “Domeniche a Teatro” /Sundays at the Theatre. At Teatro San Francesco, in Via San Francesco d’Assisi 15 in Alessandria, on 21 April at 4 pm the Stregatti theatre company from Alessandria presents “Il mondo è favoloso”
Using the language of Teatro d'Ombra /Shadow Theatre and music, this show tells how stories are created, their purpose, and how to become the protagonists of our own.

The main story is based on one of Kipling's stories from his book STORIE PROPRIO COSì /JUST SO STORIES FOR LITTLE CHILDREN and is focused on the nose of a curious baby elephant. The music of the piano will lead the spectators in this entertaining and funny story; an animated story for boys and girls, played live by a very young exceptional musician Tommaso Garbin.

Thanks to the music, it will be possible to make a small “trip around the musical world” through the personal accounts of women who have attended the San Francesco Theatre of Alessandria leaving a little of themselves and their culture. They shared lullabies, rhymes, expressions of their country of origin and together with young and old we can listen to this material playing with shadows, music and cultures of the world.

We all know that art speaks a language of its own; that of Beauty.
Rhymes, lullabies, donated by Circolo delle Donne and by students of the Intercultural Mediator Course organised by Enaip, which is free and funded by the GOL programme for unemployed people.
Circolo delle Donne is a project of the Stregatti Theatre Company and S.I.E. ODV in which women of different cultures meet through Arts. These free workshops are in association with CISSACA of Alessandria and under the supervision of Cinzia Spriano specialized in the prevention and combat of gender-based violence.
On stage Giusy Barone. Musical improvisations by Tommaso Garbin.

The show with final workshop for children and adults, is recommended for children from the age of 6.
The choice of theatrical pieces and artistic direction of the event "Domeniche al Teatro" have been curated by the Coltelleria Einstein company, directed by Giorgio Boccassi and Donata Boggio Sola.

One ticket € 5
Compagnia Stregatti
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Teatro San Francesco
Via S. Francesco d’Assisi 15, Alessandria
The ticket office of Teatro San Francesco is open Tuesday and Wednesday from 5.30 pm to 7 pm.

The prose season is organised by the Municipality of Alessandria in association with Piemonte dal Vivo and the participation of ASM Costruire Insieme.

4 pm

Single ticket €5

More information in the flyer attached.

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