Castello di Redabue

The castle at Redabue has an interesting history, having enjoyed more military importance during modern times than during the mediaeval period. The owners during the `1700s and 1800s carried out many alterations which had the effect of changing the aspect of the castle from that of a defensive fortification to a private residence, this being in effect a villa with an adjoining park. Remnants of its warlike history are few, although there are still lead tracing works on the main frontage, the crenellated round tower and the square tower next to the main body of the building, all having been altered in various ways. For this reason it is difficult to visualise the original building which dates back to the 13th century. The castle today has a low profile with just one floor from which stands out the square tower and a little way off a workshop on two floors with a round tower. The owners of the castle are still the Doria Lamba family. Another fortified part of the castle is the tower on the hill which dominates the building and has a square form and dates from the 12th century. The top of this tower is rather delapidated.

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