Parco artistico Orme su La Court

There is a very special vineyard in Monferrato. Besides producing fine wines, it offers emotions and surprises, because it invites to stroll among sceneries and works of art and because at night it sparkles with fire, lights and colours. It is the Artistic Park “Orme Su La Court”, created by the Michele Chiarlo winery. In Tenuta Aluffi, heart of the vineyards of La Court and Cipressi, the artistic park “Orme su La Court” takes tradition, men and the glories of Piedmont by the hand, offering them to all those who enter. From the “Porta Artistica sui vigneti” by the painter and sculptor Ugo Niespolo to the permanent sculptures of Emanuele Luzzati, dedicated to the natural elements of Water, Air and Fire, which are the setting of a three-dimensional fairy tale that fills the mind of the passer-by with characters and imaginative works, suggesting harmony between man and nature, creating spaces for meditation and lookout points. Info:

Information and contacts
via Cocito, 30 - 14100 Asti (AT)
Castelnuovo Calcea
Telephone: +39 (0141) 769.030