Museo degli Arazzi Scassa

On the outskirts of Asti, the Carthusian monastery of Valmanera, an ancient monastery built by the Vallombrosan monks and later passed to the Carthusians, is home to the tapestry weaving mill founded by Ugo Scassa in 1957. The mill produces tapestries using the ancient high-warp technique, but the subjects are cartoons of the greatest contemporary artists (Casorati, De Chirico, Cagli, Klee, Mirò, Kandinskij and others). The meeting between a technique remained unchanged over the centuries and modern sensitivity creates unique and precious works. Many are exhibited in the most prestigious locations. Visits by appointment. Momentarily closed due to the Covid 19 epidemiological emergency.

Information and contacts
via dell' Arazzeria, 60 - 14100 Asti (AT)
Telephone: +39 0141 271.164