I musei di Pellizza: lo Studio e il Museo didattico-Itinerario sui luoghi pellizziani in Volpedo

Reopening on 6 June The home town of Giuseppe Pellizza (1868 – 1907) pays homage to this painter through two museums which tell the story of his life and his work. The Museum of the Artist’s Studio next to the painter’s home, authentically re-creates the fascinating atmosphere of the atelier designed by Pellizza himself in 1888 and subsequently enlarged until it assumed its current aspect with ample light which allows the room to have the same light as the exhibition rooms. Inside there are a number of items of furniture from the original studio, including a bookcase holding books and magazines from the artist’s extensive library, coloured sketches and plaster models. Amongst the works on display which merit inspection are Portraits of the Father (1889-90) and of the Mother (1890) in oils, two self-portraits in oil from 1885, a charcoal work (1901) and a first sketch of S.Luigino (1894), the final version of which is in the second chapel on the left-hand side of the parish church of S. Pietro. The Educational Museum is dedicated to the life and works of Pellizza and is to be found in the Torraglio building, sited in one of the oldest parts of the village. The route, displayed on panels, is in the form of photographs and documents, which occupy the ground floor. Particular attention has been paid to the theme of the “construction” of a work of art, especially through the examples of Processione, a crucial work when viewed as a piece executed when the artist was moving to the pointillist school, and Quarto Stato whose long creation is given ample space. There follow specific sections on the artist’s painting technique which allow visitors to get closer to the subject: the colours, the accessories, the preparation of the canvas, the frames and the plans for composition.

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