Casa Natale di San Paolo della Croce

The 17th century building, belonging to the Buffa Family, was declared a National Monument in 1918 and entrusted to the Passionists in 1926. The third floor is home to the Chapel which corresponds to the room were the Saint was born; on the same floor, there are the two rooms of the Museum rich in relics, including the wax mask of the Saint, the two cloth hearts that St. Paul and Brother John the Baptist carried on their chest, the baptismal font where the Saint was baptised and the chair where he rested the last years of his life. On the façade, above towers a fresco depicting Our Lady del Carmine and the souls of Purgatory. Lower down, the coat of arms of the Daneo Family and below that a papier-mâché statue of the Saint dating from the early 20th century.

Information and contacts
via San Paolo - 15076 Ovada (AL)
Telephone: +39 0143 801.00