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01/02/2024 - 20/12/2024
Casale Monferrato


The wine-producing zones connected to twenty Piedmont municipalities, together for the first time under one name Alto Piemonte - Gran Monferrato, have received the prestigious recognition of European City of Wine 2024.

The municipalities which are entitled to use this important title include Casale Monferrato, Acqui Terme ed Ovada.
Come and discover them on this special tour

And to make your tour even more special discover the events scheduled for European City of Wine 2024 Alto Piemonte e Gran Monferrato (


Day 1

Casale and the infernots
Arrive in Casale, the ancient capital of Monferrato, European city of wine for 2024 and one of the most interesting art cities in Piedmont. Casale Monferrato is a “Baroque city” due to its many palazzi and churches, with rich and prestigious interiors, renewed during that architectural season. Casale, however, is a city of culture with numerous attractions belonging to different ages!
Tradition has it that the foundation of the Romanesque Cathedral of Sant' Evasio, built between the 12th and 13th centuries, dates to King Liutprand. It is home to several precious gems, including the magnificent 12th century crucifix and the narthex with its Armenian architectural features. From the nearby Piazza Mazzini, home to the equestrian statue of Carlo Alberto, it is possible to see the Civic Tower, symbol of Casale Monferrato, leaning against the 17th century Church of Santo Stefano.
The Church of San Domenico encloses large canvases by Pietro Francesco Guala, while the Baroque Church of San Filippo Neri is one of the most interesting works by Sebastiano Guala.
The San Giorgio, Magnocavalli, Treville and Sannazzaro palazzi are all magnificent examples of Baroque architecture. Along the way, a visit to the Regional Wine shop of Monferrato, located in the impressive Paleologi Castle, and tasting the famous krumiri biscuits (for those with a sweet tooth we suggest tasting them with hot zabaglione) are a must.
A visit to the magnificent Synagogue is possible by appointment (excluding Saturdays and public holidays): rich in furnishings and inscriptions, it is an example of Piedmontese Baroque and considered to be one of the most beautiful in Italy.
Lunch in centrally-located restaurant with tasting menu.
In the afternoon, tour of the Monferrato hills. Stop in Cella Monte, one of the most beautiful villages of Italy. Walking along the narrow roads of the village, which takes on the appearance of an open-air museum, visitors will realise that the walls are full of shells, which have not been positioned there by man but by nature, as this area was once home to the sea, and the Monferrato hills were the archipelagos. As the water retreated the sandstone remained, from which the houses, buildings and the infernots (UNESCO heritage site) were built. The infernots are underground chambers dug in the sandstone. Thanks to the special geological characteristics of this soil of sea origin they maintain the temperature and humidity constant and are used to store food, an extra space to the cellars. They are the precious inheritance of the rural tradition, small hidden gems recognized as heritage sites. Visit the Eco Museum of Pietra da Cantoni and its magnificent Infernot. Followed by tasting in the cellar of the Castle of Uviglie and visit its spectacular quarries built in pietra da cantone. At the end, transfer to Alessandria for the overnight stay, dinner at leisure.

Day 2

Alessandria and Acqui Terme
Visit Alessandria, hat capital of the world! Reach piazza della Libertà, administrative hub of the city, surrounded on all sides by historical buildings: Palatium Vetus (home to a magnificent picture gallery which belongs to Fondazione Della Cassa di Risparmio di Alessandria); Palazzo Rosso, home to the Town Hall; Palazzo Ghilini or prefecture; Palazzo delle Poste (the façade is embellished with the interesting futurist mosaic by Gino Severini); continuing the walk reach the Cathedral of Santi Pietro e Marco, flanked by a bell tower which, standing 106 m, is the second tallest in Italy; opposite the Cathedral is Palazzo Cuttica, now home to
the music conservatory.
Walking along Via Milano, admire piazza Santo Stefano dominated by the homonymous church; further on, the Synagogue which is only visible from the outside, the charming via Bissati with the atmosphere of a bygone era.
A short distance away is the 19th century Galleria Guerci, a beautiful and characteristic 20th century "passage"; walk along the central Corso Roma. Reach Piazza Garibaldi, one of the biggest piazzas in Piedmont, characterized by the presence of 19th century buildings with arcades; en route, visit the Church of San Giovannino and observe the age-old
Borsalino shop.
Visit the Borsalino Museum. In the Museum, which features modern multimedia supports, you will discover the different stages of production and go back over the history of the Borsalino family and its inextricable link with the city of Alessandria. A journey through time, between cinema, art and design through the hat symbol of made in Italy in the world.
Lunch in restaurant/osteria in the historic centre.
Departure for Acqui Terme, beautiful city of Southern Monferrato. The visit will start from the park of the Castle of the Paleologi, an important dynasty which ruled in Monferrato between the early 14th century and the middle of the 16th century.
Town, located along the Via Aemilia Scauri, which was very popular in Roman times due to the hot springs and the important therapeutic properties of its waters. We will visit the beautiful and picturesque Piazza Bollente, home to the homonymous and celebrated hot spring fountain, with water that gushes forth at a constant temperature of 75°C.
The tour will continue on a historical journey through the centuries with a temporal leap which goes from the time of the Roman Empire to the Middle Ages and the monuments belonging to this period include the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta /11th century) and the Basilica of the Addolorata.
Furthermore, walking the streets of the city, it will be possible to admire the Baroque and Renaissance style portals of some of the most beautiful buildings of Acqui Terme, a further witness of this city which has hosted important bishops and governors through the centuries.
During the visit stop at the Regional Wine Shop "Terme e Vino" for a food and wine tasting experience to discover the iconic wines of the territory accompanied by local culinary delicacies.
Return to Alessandria for overnight accommodation dinner at leisure.

Day 3

Ovada and the hills of dolcetto
After breakfast, depart for Ovada, a small gem of Southern Monferrato! A walk among the painted houses along the streets of the historic centre will allow you to discover the more or less known corners, squares, streets, churches and views, witnesses of a bygone era of a delightful town strongly influenced by Liguria.
A particular moment is dedicated to a visit of the Oratorio dell'Annunziata which is home to rich ornamentation and you can admire canvases by Luca Cambiaso, by Brea or by his school, by Schiena, a wooden sculpture of Madonna del Carmine and another of the Annunciation by Maragliano.
At the end, stop at the Regional Wine Shop of Ovada and Monferrato for a food and wine tasting where you will fall in love with Dolcetto DOCG and all the excellent products of the local artisans. End of services.

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