Alessandria Theatre Season - OFF segment "UN TEATRO DELLA MENTE MACBETH" - Una città, i Cento Colori del Teatro

from 27 January 2024 to 28 January 2024

The theatre of the mind is a sensory show in which the blind-folded spectator, involved directly in the performance, following the ambitious Macbeth through the prophecy of the witches, shares the battlefield with him and is led into the deepest part of his mind.
Sitting inside the scenic space, the public watches one of Shakespeare's most famous tragedies in this new version in which the vicissitudes of the Scottish tyrant are narrated exclusively through auditory, olfactory and tactile stimuli. The spectators are immersed in the atmospheres of a dark Scotland, governed by despots and inhabited by witches, in which actors and spectators will give life together to the show, the first through acting and the second through imagining it in their mind.
Macbeth is the second show which director Luca Zilovich stages for the Juta Theatre using the technique of Theatre of the Mind. It is a different way to think of theatre, in which the blind-folded spectator puts in motion his creativity and becomes an artist of the show on a par with actors and actresses.

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Friday 26 January

Ahead of the show, the director Luca Zilovich and the actors of Teatro della Juta will meet the public in the museum rooms of Palazzo Cuttica at 6 pm on Friday 26 January, as part of “Chi è di scena” the cycle of meetings with the stars of the theatre season of Alessandria.
Admission is free until full capacity is reached.

9 pm

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viale Brigata Ravenna 8 Teatro Ambra - Alessandria
Telephone: +39 339 358.4518


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