Alessandria Theatre Season: "Da Lontano"

from 27 January 2024 to 28 January 2024

Chiusa sul rimpianto
written and directed by Lucia Calamaro
for and with Isabella Ragonese
with the participation of Emilia Verginelli

Da lontano stages the unreasonable attempt of an adult daughter, become a therapist, to do today what she had been unable to do back then: help that troubled mother, who existed only when she was a child.

“How many of us, as children, powerlessly watched the dramas of beloved adults? How many would have wanted to intervene? Help, understand. Simply save them. And it is almost always never possible to do so.
Between the unfulfilled desires that inhabit an existence, every now and again, among the impossible ones, comes that of psychoanalysing that suffering parent we got to know when we were children. Have the means, the tools to do so, to listen to them the way they deserve and help them without it being obvious. The parent we felt was more fragile. That adult unprepared for the world who looked after us well and better, affected as they were by trials and tribulations. Our parents were not always well. They had plenty of sorrows. And we were young, for the most part impotent before their well-articulated unhappiness. We sensed it, we didn’t know, we suspected, not knowing what to do. And so, I imagined a small place between an elusive "here" and "there" in which this fact, this word which becomes “event”, which cures, can happen, for a little time".
Lucia Calamaro

For information and tickets, download the full programme of the 2022-2023 Theatre Season attached.

9 pm

Information and contacts
viale Brigata Ravenna 8 Teatro Ambra - Alessandria


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