Grondona is a small town in the heart of the Spinti Valley. This agritourism business is in an excellent position to enjoy the beauty of the valley that becomes special in summer, when you listen to the nearby stream as you relax under the portico. The ingredients come mostly from the farm, which grows vegetables and breeds animals. The wines come from nearby wineries. The starters (€9) vary depending on the season and, in summer, it will be delightful to taste the aubergines with herbs, immediately after a selection of cold cuts accompanied by the fersulla, a crispy fritter, municipal denomination of Grondona, which is also celebrated by a feast in August, and by the Genoese cuculli, chickpeas and herb fritters. First course (€9): delicious homemade pasta ranging from the ravioli with different fillings (from herbs to game), pansotti and vegetable soups, like that of courgettes that can be appreciated in summer. Second course (€9): a taste of the Graziella-style, flavourful chicken is a must, roasts, braised meats and pork slices served with mustard sauce. To finish, the chocolate cake is a delight, before a taste of herb liqueurs that are a well-kept secret. You will definitely feel good here!

Information and contacts
via oratorio, 53 - 15060 Grondona (AL)
Telephone: +39 366 209.5180