Castello di Orsara Bormida

The district of Orsara Bormida passed from owner to owner, first being the property of the Marquesses of Bosco, then the Malaspina, then the church at Acqui and in the 1500s it passed to a noble family from Milan. This small castle grew up around a square tower that perhaps existed before but which makes up the principal part of the building being notably tall and mainly of stone construction with brick detailing and traces of plasterwork. The upper part was probably modified at some point. The roof is in the pavilion style and does not have any jutting stonework which however can be seen on the other lower towers which have a polygonal shape crowned with indented battlements. Between the two towers is the main body of the castle, this also being in stone with certain detail in brick. The present building is the result of renovation and alteration work carried out over the centuries, among the most recent being its conversion to a gentleman’s residence in the 18th century.

Information and contacts
via al Castello, 11 - 15010 Orsara Bormida (AL)
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