Castello di Morsasco

Access to the old part and the castle is through a gatehouse that was converted into a bell tower in the 17th century. The first records of the castle date back to 1224 when the Republic of Genoa bequeathed it to the Marchesi Del Bosco family. The Malaspina family of Cremolino then came into ownership through marriage. In 1527 the castle was passed on as a dowry to Count Giovan Battista Lodron, a member of the noble family from the Trentino region. At the end of the 16th century it then changed hands again, this time passing to the Gonzaga Dukedom before being bought by Barnaba Centurione Scotto who initiated the enlargement and alterations that gave the castle its current aspect and was also responsible for the Real Tennis court. The elegant baroque chapel on the first floor is dedicated to Saint Catherine of Siena, the guardian of the family. The most recent major works were in 1921 when the castle was bought by Prince Domenico Pallavicino. The castle is noted for having been visited by San Luigi Gonzaga and for the cellars with their huge wooden barrels.

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