Castello di Cremolino

The castle at Cremolino dominates the whole of the surrounding countryside, sited as it is on a rocky outcrop that juts over the village and its 15th century tower can be seen from afar, at some 450m above sea level this makes it the highest castle in the Alto Monferrato region. Built by the Marquess Tommaso Malaspina at the end of the 13th century, it was added to with a triple wall which made it virtually impregnable and turned it into a classic mediaeval castle which was reached via a characteristic drawbridge. From the middle of the 1500s it became the country residence of the Doria and then the Serra families and today it is lived in by owners who enjoy showing visitors around their special home from whose rooms are some of the finest views to be had in the Alto Monferrato of the Alps, including Monviso, Monte Bianco and Monte Rosa and nearly half of the 30 castles in the area.

Information and contacts
via al Castello, 28 - 15010 Cremolino (AL)
Telephone: +39 (0143) 879.970
Telephone 2: +39 (0143) 879.083