It is truly a magnificent sight, from the terrace of this adorable trattoria, where the eye can see over the hills that surround the Curone valley. A generous land of fruit, prestigious cured meats and mushrooms. And of a cuisine which has to be, by tradition, authentic. This has been the philosophy of this family-run osteria for generations. You start with the homemade extra virgin focaccia, like the bread, before moving on to tasting starters (€12) from the tray: local cured meats (the best is the salame nobile del Giarolo), stuffed borage fritters, black truffle salad and Piedmont Fassone beef, onion tart, Jewish artichoke flan with bagnacaoda sauce. The first course (€7) includes the pumpkin and quarantine potato gnocchi with Montebore, pansoti with walnut sauce, ravioli with braised beef sauce and Merella chickpea soup. In summer, the basil, fresh tomato and broad bean tagliolini. On to the second course (€9) dishes: tasty rabbit with Timorasso or arthicokes, tripe with fagiolane beans, slow-cooked beef stew with stone ground polenta, cod in green sauce. Watch out for the mushroom period: they make them in every way, for example the pork round with chanterelle mushrooms. The selection of local cheeses is served with chutney made from red onion and Bella di Garbagna cherry and precedes the desserts (€6): bonet, soft hazelnut and chocolate cake, Volpedo strawberry mousse, vanilla and coffee bavarois, cherry tart. Tasting Menu 30 euro including wine. What more could you ask for?

Information and contacts
via dusio, 5 - 15056 Gremiasco (AL)
Telephone: +39 (0142) 940.127
Telephone 2: +39 0131787159