Piscina romana di Corso Bagni - CHIUSO PRIMAVERA 2021

The swimming pool was situated in a thermal complex from the Roman imperial age on the periphery of the town of Aquae Statiellae, on the via Aemilia Scauri. It was probably filled with hot water from the “Bollente” and operated as a calidarium, a heated pool where it was possible to bathe, as the ancient Romans liked to do. The bath, dug out of a rocky stratum, is marked by a heavy perimeter wall. The walls once supported a vaulted roof which would have been richly decorated in multi-coloured glass mosaic. The base and the steps were finished in white marble from Greece and the East, in part preserved in their original place. In addition, the architectural decoration of the building must have been elaborate with capitals and cornices in marble, all adding to the status of the spa.

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