Museo del Cappello Borsalino - in restauro

Borsalino’s story goes back more than 150 years and the company is now one of the most prestigious hat makers in the world and a synonym for Made in Italy, being the jewel in the crown of Alessandria’s spectrum of businesses. Situated in the Sala Campione of Palazzo Borsalino, the Museum is home to a complete range of Borsalino hats from the company’s beginnings in 1857 right up to the present day. There are some 2,000 examples embracing the widest range of styles and colours, all on display in the historic cabinets designed by Arnaldo Gardella. The exhibition goes back over the different stages in the company’s development and pays tribute to the history and aesthetic and cultural heritage of the Borsalino brand. The Museum also covers the manufacturing side as well as the close links the company forged with the town and its citizens. Each section has its own introductory video and there are three multimedia areas that provide greater detail about specific areas of the company’s history. It is currently closed for refurbishment, and due to reopen in 2021.

Information and contacts
via Cavour, 84 - 15121 Alessandria (AL)