Bric Montariolo - SIC

It is located on the territory of the municipalities of Pecetto di Valenza (AL) and Valenza (AL). Bric Montariolo, in the surroundings of the town of Pecetto di Valenza, stretches over the last eastern spurs of the Monferrato hills, facing the lowlands of Alessandria and the Lomellina. The environment is mostly agricultural. The exposures less favourable to agriculture are covered with extensive and continuous hardwoods, primarily black locust (Robinia pseudoacacia). The site and the Nature Reserve were established primarily to protect the presence of a high number of orchid species. 13 species of wild orchids have been recorded so far: Anacamptis morio, Cephalanthera longifolia, Cephalanthera damasonium, Himantoglossum adriaticum, Barlia robertiana, Ophrys fuciflora, Ophrys apifera, Ophrys sphegodes, Ophrys appennina, Ophrys dinarica, Orchis anthropophora, Orchis purpurea, Serapias neglecta. For the fauna, 120 species of birds have been recorded, including, in large numbers, the European bee-eater (Merops apiaster), raptors like the common buzzard (Buteo buteo), the European honey buzzard (Pernis apivorus) and species with twilight and nocturnal activity, such as the European scops owl (Asio otus), the little owl (Athene noctua) and the European nightjar (Caprimulgus europaeus). The invertebrates present include a moth of conservation interest at European level, the Jersey tiger (Callimorpha quadripunctaria). The red squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris) is easy to see in the area. The trail dedicated to the wild orchids starts from the historic centre of Pecetto di Valenza and continues with trail sign 627 that descends towards the sports facilities of the town. Here, there is a large picnic area, with games for children, right at the foot of Bric Montariolo.

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