A bio-bakery has opened in the heart of the country at Lu Monferrato. A name which conceals a long process that starting from the fields becomes bread baked only on weekends. The creator of this project is Luigina Bisoglio, born into a family of farmers and Bakers by passion for about a decade. Then the turning point a few months ago with the opening of a laboratory where a small Austrian stone mill can be found. Every week wheat is milled here, part of the organic company, raw material from which the bread is prepared with the use of a mother yeast, refreshed daily. That’s not all; cornmeal is also available (always stone ground), smooth wheat flour for bread and pasta to make at home and Tajarin made by La Casa of Tajarin ad Alba. Then there is the range of fresh produce such as sweet and savory focaccia, sweet bread with nuts, raisins, flax seeds and sunflower seeds, also ideal for a fortifying breakfast in addition to the bread: in various sizes, medium to large. The unmistakable aroma of baking is capable of lasting several days. Only one warning: it is best to book as Luigina - who expertly follows every stage of production - produces just a quintal a week.

Information and contacts
via Mameli, 58 - 15040 Lu e Cuccaro Monferrato (AL)
Telephone: +39 333 524.1597