Natural Park and equipped Area of the Sacro Monte di Crea. The Park was set up around the Sacro Monte di Crea, a place of ancient spirituality expressed in a devotional route formed by 23 chapels and 5 hermitages, with departure from the Shrine of the Virgin whose worship is connected in popular tradition with the arrival of St. Eusebeius in the 4th century. The naturalistic characteristics are of great interest for the presence of entomologic and floristic elements which are little diffused or even "outside the area" on the Monferrato hills. In the site of the Park there are educational structures (including a multifunctional room and a library) accompanied on the outside by observation areas and approach to the protected ecosystem. Nature and devotional trail partly coincide, climbing the slopes of the hill, whose side exposed to the north enjoys an exceptional panorama on the Monferrato section and Vercelli of the Po. * * * * * NEW APP DEDICATED TO THE SACRED MOUNTAINS «App-assionarsi ai Sacri Monti» is the new downloadable App from Android and Apple which will guide tourists to visit the UNESCO heritages sites along interactive multimedia routes. The new audio video guides of Sacro Monte are designed to accompany tourists during their visit to the UNESCO heritage sites that join Varallo, Crea, Orta, Varese, Oropa, Ossuccio, Ghiffa, Domodossola and Belmonte between Piedmont and Lombardy. The digital format of the Sacri Monti, realised by the Management Body led by the president Francesca Giordano with the funds of Law 77/2006 of the Ministry of Culture, is built with itineraries, graphic or geographical maps which, thanks to augmented reality, allow to enter the Chapels where spectacular sculptural and pictorial scenes are preserved. The smartphone and tablet application - downloadable free of charge from the Android and Apple platforms - is available in five languages: Italian, French, English, German, Spanish and allows to have fun with games and quizzes designed for families. Each Sacro Monte offers traditional routes which follow the itinerary marked by the chapels animated by sculptural and pictorial masterpieces of the greatest artists from the Renaissance to the Baroque, from the Rococo to the Neo classicism, of Lombardy and Piedmont, but also thematic and recreational routes which can be used by young people to discover the Sacred Mountains in a fun and interactive way.

Information and contacts
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Telephone: +39 (0141) 927.120