02/12/2022 - 30/11/2023

2 days 1 night


Itinerary in the town of Alessandria to discover the Masters of the 1900s


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Day 1

Arrive to Alessandria, check-in at central hotel and walk around the centre starting from Piazza Libertà, administrative heart of the town with Palazzo Ghilini, preferred residence of Napoleon, Palazzo del Comune or Palazzo Rosso, Palatium Vetus (the broletto). The latter, seat of Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Alessandria, is the first municipal building of the town and preserves important medieval traces. Throughout history it has been the residence of Spanish governors, of the Savoy Family and of the Napoleonic prefects. Inside, visitors can admire precious collections of local painters and sculptors, as well as a collection dedicated to the battle of Marengo fought in 1800 a few km away.

The visit continues, to admire the mosaic by Gino Severini which decorates the base of the Post and Telegraph Building: realised between 1940 and 1941, it depicts the story of telecommunications. The walk will continue along the streets of borgo Rovereto, with the Church of Santa Maria di Castello and its medieval walls, which bear witness to its pre-existence at the foundation of the town, up to the Citadel, one of the most important European monuments of permanent fortification in 18th century Europe.

Lunch at leisure. In the afternoon, possibility to visit the Art Rooms or Ethnographic Museum "C'era una Volta". Possibility to make a delicious break at Galleria Guerci, a typical late 19th century passage, in one of the De.Co branded pastry shops and where you can enjoy the Polenta di Marengo ®.

Dinner in typical osteria with local menu and overnight stay in hotel.

Day 2

After breakfast in the hotel, a tour of the town designed by Mario Mantelli, schlolar and urban architect of Alessandria, to discover the architecture of Ignazio Gardella.

Alessandria features a large number of buildings designed by the famous Maestro, some are true milestones of 20th century architecture. Gardella in Alessandria realised buildings with very different purposes, in which the shape was always inextricably linked to function. Many of them were commissioned by the Borsalino family, enlightened industrialists and benefactors of the city. The first projects date to the late 1920s, when Ignazio worked with his father Arnaldo, and the last years of the 1990s with his son Jacopo.

Guided tour through the town with lunch at leisure along the way.

Stages of the tour to discover the architectural treasures:

  • Borsalino offices (1929, Gardella and Martini engineering firm), corso 100 cannoni corner via Cavour

  • Fur cutting factory (1955-56), corso XX settembre corner via Wagner

  • Borsalino employee housing (1950-52), corso Borsalino 15 and 17

  • Pediatric Sector of the Children's Hospital “Cesare Arrigo” (1956-57), spalto Marengo 46

  • Anti-tuberculosis dispensary (1936-38), via don Francesco Gasparolo, 2-4

  • Hygiene and prophylaxis laboratory (1937-39), via don Francesco Gasparolo, 1

  • Former pyschiatric hospital San Giacomo (1900-1907, Martini and Gardella engineering firm), spalto Marengo, 35 corner via Mazzini

  •  “Volta” ITIS Technical Institute (1960-66), spalto Marengo 42

  • “Teresio Borsalino” Hospital, previously Vittorio Emanuele III Sanatorium (1929-35), viale Forlanini 2

  • Mother House of Divine Providence (1929), block between vie Faà di Bruno, XXIV maggio, Tripoli and Moncalvo

  • Expansion of the Borsalino retirement home (1935), block between vie San Pio V, Ghilini, Savonarola and corso Lamarmora

  •  Agorà complex (corso cento Cannoni, 25 / corso Borsalino)

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