Cristina Parodi's Monferrato

The colour of the countryside and the gentle hills covered with vineyards.

The rich cuisine of delicious flavours, I'll mention just one dish,  the agnolotti del plin, which is my favourite. The artistic heritage, the ancient churches, the historic homes the castles - these alone would be three good reasons to come to Monferrato as a tourist, but there are many more.

I was born in Alessandria, I lived there until I was eighteen and I strongly recommend visiting (the ancient Citadel the 18th century military fortress commissioned by the Savoy family. 

From the original hexagonal layout, a truly unique place full of memories. Wine lovers have to visit the area of (Gavi which produces some of the wines that are the envy of the world.

Basically, you know Tuscany? Well, Monferrato is just like it, except it is a little less known!