04 March 2021


Happy Birthday, Maestro! 4 March 1678. The first great Vivaldi event of 2021 as we await the opening concert of the 6th Edition of National Vivaldi Week 2021. Presentation of the new Vivaldi publication: "Armonie della Natura e Umane passioni. Sinfonie, Concerti e Sonate a programma" published by Musicorner Management Artistico and edited by Roberto Allegro and Vittoria Aicardi. Dr. M°. Roberto Allegro, Artistic Director of the Italian Chamber Orchestra "Antonio Vivaldi". National Vivaldi Week 2021. 6th Edition. Dr. Prof. Vittoria Aicardi, President of National Vivaldi Week and of Musicorner Management Artistico. Vivaldi music intermezzo. M° Maurizio Terzaghi, Western concert flute Roberto Allegro, Harpsichord Presentation of the Inaugural Concert of the 6th Edition of National Vivaldi Week 2021 in Occimiano: L'Estro Armonico: an unpublished version for solo wind instruments, strings and continuous bass. M°. Maurizio Terzaghi, Flutist. To finish, another important institutional moment which carries the signature of the agreement between the Municipality of Occimiano, represented by the Lord Mayor, Valeria Olivieri and the Musical Association "Antonio Vivaldi of Mortara (PV), represented by its President and Artistic Director M° Roberto Allegro, which establishes the opening of an operational headquarters of the Lombard Music Institute in Occimiano and subsequent inauguration of the same.

Council Chamber of the town of Occimiano (AL) live on Facebook on the Musicorner Management Artistico channel.

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