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The Monterosso complex of Acqui Terme, is the only example in Italy of close collaboration between architects, painters, sculptors and patrons to give life to a manor house characterised by the presence of important artworks.
In 1920, Counts Ottolenghi, Arturo and Herta von Wedekind zu Horst, entrusted the design of Villa Ottolenghi, first to Federico d'Amato and then to the renowned architect Marcello Piacentini. The patronage of the Ottolenghi family brought a large number of artists to Monterosso: Ferruccio Ferrazzi, Fortunato Depero, Adolfo Wildt, Libero Andreotti, Fiore Martelli, Arturo Martini, Rosario Murabito, Venanzo Crocetti and Ferruccio Ferrazzi. It was precisely at Villa Ottolenghi that Arturo Martini produced and brought some of his most important works including "Tobias, Adam and Eve, the Lions of Monterosso…". Upon the death of the Conti family, the son Astolfo undertakes to complete the villa with the park by Pietro Porcinai, awarded in 2011 with the prestigious European Garden Award.

Not far from the villa is the Mausoleum, today "The Temple of Herta", and the park, the result of a carefully planned scenic design that takes the name of "Earthly Paradise". The enormous portal of the Temple, of bronze, nickel and engraved copper, monumental work of the masters Ernesto and Mario Ferrari, is a prelude to the beauty of the frescoes of Ferruccio Ferrazzi, and of the mosaics realised by the mosaic school of Ravenna.
The villa is surrounded by the formal Garden, the Well, the Studios, the Big Cistern and the Walk that runs along the perimeter of the complex, the Graffiti, the wisteria covered Pergola, the Pool, the Cellar.. are the stops along a journey of discovery that impresses for the attention to detail. Masterpieces in wrought iron, such as mushrooms, turtles, birds, snails and, swivel chairs in marble are dotted here and there...and among all that emerge the imposing Sculptures of Herta.

Villa Ottolenghi-Wedekind is a private manor house so it is only possible to visit during normal opening hours. Groups or school groups can visit on other days after booking.

Guided tours every Saturday, Sunday and public holidays at the following times:

From 1 May 2021 to 14 June at 14.30
from 15 June to 11 September at 16.30
From September to May tours return at 14.30
The tours last approximately 150 minutes, cost €15 and are free for children under the age of 12.

The tour of the Villa includes the Mausoleum, the Temple of Herta, the Studios of the artists (which houses the tasting room), the cellars, the gardens, the Villa (where it will also be possible to view the section dedicated to Relais di Charme) and the indoor swimming pool.

To comply with the Covid 19 Protocol it is necessary to arrive at the Villa equipped with a personal mask that must be worn indoors or according to the regional and national directives. It is compulsory to disinfect the hands before access with the dedicated gel made available and to self-certify the state of health.

Information and contacts
strada Monterosso 42 - Acqui Terme
Telephone: +39.335 6312093