Streghe - Theatrical performance

10 October 2020


The story is set in Spigno, now Spigno Monferrato (AL) in Valle Bormida, in the Savona hinterland, on the border between Piedmont and Liguria. It is 1631/32. The Marquisate of Spigno is ruled by the Asinari Del Carretto family. The Valle Bormida, an important route to the sea, is a battleground of the superpowers of the time, French, Spanish, the Sacred Roman Empire, the Church, the Savoy family and the Republic of Genoa. In 1631, the plague claims many victims and spreads fear and misery among the population. The strong powers, church and state need to keep the exhausted people in check. It is easy to convince the people to blame everything on the devil. The witches, his followers, are the ideal enemy on which to point the finger. In Spigno, the witch-hunt will result in a long inquisition process that will see 15 people accused of witchcraft and responsible for the deaths and the spread of the contagion. Between arrests, questioning and tortures, the process continues for several months. Church and State need to assert their independence on the territory. The result is a contrast between State Justice and Church Justice, which involves the highest ecclesiastical offices. The tragic epilogue will be the death of all the defendants in unclear circumstances without a court ruling. The event remained unknown until 1992, when the correspondence was found in the episcopal archive of Savona by the historians Adolfo Francia, Leonello Oliveri and Antonio Visconti. THE SHOW The scenic representation is entrusted to Monica Massone in the guise of one of the accused and to Paolo La Farina who plays the Inquisitor. Michela and Marta Marenco are the popular voice of the prosecution. The maestro Benedetto Spingardi will perform some of the songs live during the show. A series of monologues and dialogues highlights the unchangeable aspects of human nature and management of power over time, always in search of the different, the weakest to identify as enemy. The use of effective multimedia effects and scenography effects creates a strong emotional impact.


Two shows: at 6 pm and 9 pm The entrance ticket to the show is €12 (booking is recommended). In the event of bad weather, the show will be held under the portico of the Cloister.

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