Paper Sunday at the State Archives of Alessandria

11 October 2020


The State Archives of Alessandria will participate in Paper Sunday on 11 October 2020 with an exhibition entitled Epidemie and carte d'archivio. La peste "Manzoniana" nel territorio di Alessandria. Archive documents will be on show regarding the terrible disease that struck Alessandria and the surrounding area between 1630 and 1633, spreading panic and fear among the population, isolation and helplessness which is not dissimilar from what we are experiencing today during the Covid-19 emergency. For bookings write to or phone 0131 / 252794


The exhibition will be open to visitors on Sunday 11 October from 9 am to 5 pm. Free admission. In compliance with the measures for the prevention and containment of Covid 19 visitors must present themselves with a facemask and the body temperature will be measured at the entrance.

Information and contacts
via Solero 43 Archivio di Stato di Alessandria - Alessandria