Museo dei Campionissimi -Cycling Museum - Re-opening and events

from 09 February 2021 to 11 February 2021, from 16 February 2021 to 18 February 2021, from 23 February 2021 to 25 February 2021


Everything is ready for the re-opening of the Museo dei Campionissimi cycling museum. Visitors will be able to return to the exhibition rooms and discover all the planned initiatives. Given the current limitations due to the anti-Covid regulations, the opening has been planned three afternoons a week: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 3 pm to 6 pm. For the first week, admission to the Museo dei Campionissimi will be free for everyone. However, the most important news concerns the numerous cultural initiatives that will continue until March to involve the citizens of Novi and the surrounding area. The opening on weekdays has led to rethinking the role of the Museum according to the city and categories, above all the young people, who during this period of pandemic are more at risk of educational poverty due to the absence of stimuli and opportunities.


Each activity will last two hours, with a maximum of 20 participants who will need to book (the activity will take place in a conference room, distanced seating, mask is compulsory). The programme of the first week (admission and activities are free of charge): Tuesday 9 February - 3 pm 3D print and the restoration of a procession statue: how new technologies are used for the restoration work (by Museo dei Campionissimi) Wednesday 10 February - 10.45 am The Festival of Knowledge returns to the Museo dei Campionissimi, welcome back guys! (Fondazione ACOS Cultura and Liceo Amaldi) Thursday 11 February - 3 pm The sacred treasures of the civic collection and the Oratory of the Blessed Trinity: when does Baroque arrive to the province? (by Museo dei Campionissimi). Starting from the second week the activities will be geared to a young audience (divided into three age brackets), they will all be held at 3 pm and cost €5. The detailed programme is as follows: Tuesday 16 February Palmiro and the supreme book of the Constitution | #Lab1 (8-11 years of age) Ass. PerCorsi Wednesday 17 February The lab of “mischievous” words | #Lab2 (11-13 years of age) Ass. PerCorsi Thursday 18 February Why do I have to study chemistry and physics if I love history of art? (14 – 17 years of age) (by Museo dei Campionissimi) Tuesday 23 February The Constitution explained to kids | #Lab1 (8-11 years of age) Ass. PerCorsi Wednesday 24 February Without ‘abc’: discovering ‘different’ languages and without an alphabet | #Lab2 (11-13 years of age) Ass. PerCorsi Thursday 25 February From industrial site to museum: contents and places of culture in the work of the museologist (14 – 17 years of age) (by Museo dei Campionissimi) Tuesday 2 March - 3 pm The book of the Constitution read in 12 languages - #Lab1 (8-11 years of age) Ass. PerCorsi Wednesday 3 March Play and learn with Chinese characters - #Lab2 (11–13 years of age) Ass. PerCorsi Thursday 4 March The art exhibition: from the idea to the inauguration – (14-17 years of age) (by Museo dei Campionissimi) The activities for young people will be carried out by staff of the Museum and with Per Corsi, the association which promotes training and educational activities to spread human and social sciences and works with Fondazione Acos to organise the Festival of Knowledge.

Information and contacts
viale dei Campionissimi 2 - Novi Ligure
Telephone: +39 0143 772.266