The long night of the churches - Alessandria and Province



The long night of the churches is an opportunity to get to know better or discover numerous holy buildings all over Italy, in the evening time, with events and guided tours. Due to the health emergency, in 2020 it will be developed in digital form.


Diocese of Tortona: - Church of SS. Maria e Siro in Sale: Readings on the theme of Beauty - Texts from Saint Francis, Saint Augustine and Pope Francis - Collegiate Church of Novi Ligure (AL), opposite the "Annunciation" attributed to Domenico Fiasella, story by Don Massimo Bianchi. Always in the Collegiate Church of Novi Ligure (AL), precisely facing "S. Francesco Saverio" painted by the Jesuit Andrea Pozzo, a sculpture in stucco represents the Archangel Michael in the midst of fighting the devil: a representation characterised by that dynamism which the Baroque style is able to offer. We continue in the Collegiate Church of Novi Ligure (AL), passing in front of “S. Francesco Saverio” painted by the Jesuit, Andrea Pozzo: thanks to Don Massimo Bianchi, we will discover how the brushstrokes of this artist have expressed the “heart” of the missionary activity - Parish church of Novi Ligure, a magnificent (and costly) votive offering which is more than 5 centuries old, in the oldest holy building which, in Novi Ligure, keeps in use original parts since the Middle Ages: the story by Don Fabrizio Pessina Diocese of Casale Monferrato: Da quale Bellezza mi lascio ferire? ("What Beauty do I allow myself to be injured by?") Taking inspiration from this theme, a moment of pastoral and artistic reflection on Beauty is proposed through the social channels of the Cathedral’s Museum. For the territory of Casale the publication of one video per hour from 6 pm to 11 pm is expected on Facebook and Instagram containing an insight on the theme of Beauty in Art and in Faith through the works and the buildings of the diocese. Furthermore, the possibility will be offered to anyone who wishes, to share photos at night of the churches in the area. These must be published on one's Instagram profile with the tag of the Museum, namely @museodelduomodicasale, or on the Facebook page “Museo del Duomo di Casale” in the post section. The images posted can also be accompanied by a phrase, quotation or personal thought. The contributions will be reshared on the Museum's social channels giving life to a veritable digital overview of the holy buildings of the diocese through which it will be possible to "walk", experiencing together a moment of deep beauty and sharing. Finally, in order to really "open the doors" to all those who want it, it will be possible to send photos by mail to, or by whatsapp to 3929388505

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