from 16 June 2023 to 01 October 2023

On 16 June, In Alessandria, inauguration of the exhibition GABRIELE BASILICO/Ritorni a Beirut_Back to Beirut.
The exhibition, commissioned by the Municipal Administration of Alessandria, is organised by Azienda Speciale Multiservizi Costruire Insieme in collaboration with and curated by Giovanna Calvenzi of the Gabriele Basilico Archive and the artistic director Christian Caujolle.

The exhibition presents the work by Gabriele Basilico during four photography missions in Beirut in 1991, 2003, 2008 and 2011.
In 1991, on behalf of Fondazione Hariri, the Lebanese writer Dominique Eddé invites an international group of photographers to document the central area of the city of Beirut, torn apart by a war lasted fifteen years.
In 2003, Stefano Boeri, editor of the architectural magazine "Domus", proposes to Gabriele Basilico to document the reconstruction of the city, not just in terms of architecture but also urban views corresponding to the photographs
taken in 1991.
In 2008, Gabriele Basilico is in Beirut to present one of his exhibitions at the Planet Discovery Center. He continues to photograph the city, document its reconstruction, this time without a specific assignment and also moving away from the
historical centre.
In 2009, Fondazione Hariri decides to launch a second collective photo documentation mission with the goal of creating a visual archive to witness the development of the city.

from Thursday to Sunday
3 pm to 7 pm