Armonie in Valcerrina in the Sanctuary of Crea (Classical music concerts)

17 October 2020


Concert by Le Consort ensemble Théotime Langlois de Swarte violin Sophie de Bardonnèche violin Louise Pierrard leg viola Justin Taylor harpsichord M.Pignolet de Montéclair - Plainte en dialogue J.F. Dandrieu - Trio Sonata no.1 in D minor op.1; Trio Sonata no.4 in A major op.1; La Corelli, from the Second Book of «Pièces de clavecin » A. Corelli - Trio Sonata no.1 in C major op.4 A. Vivaldi - Trio Sonata no.1 in G minor op.1 J.F. Dandrieu - Les Zéphirs, from the Second Book of « Pièces de clavecin »; Trio Sonata no.6 in E minor op.1; Trio Sonata no.3 in G minor op.1 J.S.Bach/A.Marcello - Andante from the concert in D minor for oboe and strings of A.Marcello A. Vivaldi - Trio Sonata no.12 in D minor op.1 “La Follia”


3 pm In compliance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Health on social distancing, access to the concerts will be limited. It is necessary to book the concerts at: 335 237919 - 348 9292613 or via email

Information and contacts
piazza Santuario Santuario della Madonna di Crea - Serralunga di Crea
Telephone: +39 335 237.919


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