Alessandria Theatre Season: "IL MALATO IMMAGINARIO"

01 December 2023

2 February 2023 at 9 pm


by Moliére

adapted and directed by Guglielmo Ferro
with Emilio Solfrizzi
and Lisa Galantini, Antonella Piccolo, Sergio Basile, Viviana Altieri, Cristiano Dessì, Cecilia D’amico, Luca Massaro, Rosario Coppolino
costumes Santuzza Cali’
sets Fabiana Di Marco
music Massimiliano Pace
production Compagnia Molière/ La Contrada-Teatro Stabile of Trieste
in association with Teatro Quirino – Vittorio Gassman

“Theatre as fiction, as a tool to conceal reality, pairs up with the idea of Argante to use illness to avoid tackling the "darts of atrocious fortune". The imaginary invalid is more afraid of living than dying and sheltering himself in the illness is nothing but a way to flee from his problems, the trials which an existence puts before you. Tradition, committing perhaps an exaggeration, has brought together illness and old age, consequently identifying the role of the sick person with an elderly actor, but Molière writes it for himself so for a man of about 50 years of age, precisely for these reasons a great actor of the age of Emilio Solfrizzi can give the text back a highly important aspect which is sometimes forgotten. The refusal of one’s existence. The comical nature of which Molière’s masterpiece is imbued is exalted by the explosion of life, which is all around Argante, and his continuous escape through remedies and treatments of improbable doctors creates exhilarating situations. Molière, like all giants, with genial intuition anticipates dramatical methods which will only see the light in the 1900s. Lots of laughter but, as always, man laughs at the drama of others."
Guglielmo Ferro

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PH Riccardo Bagnoli

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