Castello di Lajone

The visitor will be accompanied on a tour of the Castle, among the frescoed rooms furnished with gilded tables, golden throne and crystal chandeliers, 19th century and 18th century paintings with religious themes and portraits. In the vaulted cellars, we can admire hopper windows and infernot: pentagonal plan cellar that preserves fine wines situated under the tower. We proceed with a visit to the tower: in the high part, the walls have been maintained in their original state and, after climbing one hundred steps, we can enjoy a 360° scenic view. The Castle is surrounded by a century-old park of calodendron recurrens, Hispanic, Scots and maritime pine, Pagoda tree and oak trees, flowerbeds, statues and swimming pool.

Information and contacts
via Castello di Lajone, 1 - 15028 Quattordio (AL)
frazione Piepasso
Telephone: +39 333 978.8157
Telephone 2: +39 345 8017775