18/04/2021 - 22/01/2023
16:30 , 2 hours

Business description

In association with the theatre company Gli Illegali, we are pleased to present a one-of-a-kind tour. Alessandria is shown through the eyes and action of street theatre in an overview of its exuberant and exhilarating account of its history.

Local history and personalities mingle, fiction and reality alternate continuously, all enriched by anecdotes, curiosities, jokes and cabaret.

From the origins of the town in the Borgo Rovereto district, passing through the history and tradition of the historical centre, to the most modern architecture of the Meier bridge, where you can meet, exclusively, the architect who designed it, now a local brand, characteristic of the town.

Did you know that the Plagued arrived to Alessandria after the Humiliated? And that the statue of Gagliaudo was removed from Santa Maria di Castello because it shouted? And that the last descendant of the Guasco family has a strange accent?

If you know nothing about this, then simply join us and discover that not only is the world a stage, but Alessandria can be one too.

Price per person: €20

The package includes: 

tour of Alessandria in STREET THEATRE version


tour departs from Piazza Santa Maria di Castello


20.00 €


For confidential and B2B rates please contact the operator offering the package directly.


For bookings:

Valdata Tour s.n.c. di G. Bertola e C. Valdata

Via Pistoia 16

15121 Alessandria

Tel: 0131 443316

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